We remove the hassle while you save time and money.

We recognise that delivering excellent service depends on focusing our attention on what is important to you. So whatever your priorities, we will tailor our service to deliver exactly what you want, when you want it.
Our operatives our fully trained in cleaning kitchens, factories, offices, jetwashing, decorating, waste clearance and much more.
Did you know that we can also provide holiday / maternity cover for your own in house cleaners, saving you seeking employment agency staff and the extra costs involved. We will not charge you a different rate for providing cover, whereas you will be charged extortionate rates by employment agencies.
Here are two examples that explain the benefits of our service in more detail:

Example 1 – Regular cleaning of a residential or office block. Typically, such clients want a regular dependable service that they can ‘set and forget’.

What We DoWhat You Get
When we regularly clean we also perform routine, standard checks on essential items such as door entry security, fire alarms, breakages, trip hazards and dumped rubbish etc.Valuable time saved. The avoidance of possible legal challenges or failure to prove due diligence over Health & Safety or Fire Risk issues. A formal report recorded after each visit immediately alerting you of any urgent issues.
We will rectify minor problems while on site, e.g. replace light bulbs, litter pick, weed control, remove hazards and any waste.Reduced need for inspection visits. No need to arrange for other trades to rectify minor issues e.g. change light bulbs.
We work at times which are most convenient to suit you and your business.Whether you want us at 2.00pm or 2.00am, we will be there.
We will not let you down because of staff sickness or holidays.You can rest assured your job will get done, whatever it takes.
We use resources from our professionally trained and fully experienced in-house workforce.You get a consistent, quality service and avoid problems associated with the use of temporary staff.
We ensure consistency of quality service by good project management and by using a ‘secret shopper’.You get a reliable service so you don’t need to check in – just relax – knowing it will all get done exactly when and how you want it.
We only send you trained, professional, uniformed staff who reflect our high standards.We get done what others cannot.

Example 2 – End of tenancy cleans for letting agents. Typically, such clients want a fast, comprehensive service, so the property can be back on the market as soon as possible. You can readily see from these two examples, that DC Property Maintenance is easily capable of meeting any of your specific needs.

What We DoWhat You Get
We do all the work necessary to support your business requirements. We will clean the carpets, redecorate, remove rubbish, weed and tidy the garden areas, as well as the general cleaning.One call to us and the most appropriate skilled team will ensure your property is brought back to a rentable standard. We will also manage any specialist trades when required.
We will work on days and times to suit your needs, e.g. clean and decorate during evenings and weekends.We appreciate that time is money, so you get your property shipshape much quicker with us.
We can tackle urgent one-off jobs that require immediate attention, as well as scheduled contract work.Relax, knowing we will share your burden and get the job done.


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